Main local cities to visit
Pictures City link Rating Location Description
5 min. E Small but cute town. You will drive by it many times.
  St-Jean-du-Gard (2nd site)
5 min. S A famous "typically French village." Larger than Mialet with Market on Tuesday.
20 min. E Slightly larger than St-Jean. Main road is filled with outside cafes and resturants.
40 min. E A larger town but very industrial. I would avoid it unless you need large supermarket or hardware store.
40 min. S My favorite town. It is slightly larger with church overlooking the valley. They have the best market around on Saturday - 8AM-12 noon and don't forget to try out the great cookie store before leaving.
50 min. N You will pass the amazing The Gorges du Tarn on the windy road up the Cevennes mountains. Florac is a charming town along the river with lots of sumer activities including white water rafting.
60 min. S A larger town. They have an amazing Roman Cathedral which is worth driving. Nimes is famous for their got tapa bars and bullfights and competes with Arles for the Rome of France, since it has so many ancient Roman ruins, including the Arenes, an amphitheater, and the Maison Carree. Also, Ryan Air has great low fare flights from London to Nimes.
70 min. E A very large town and one that you should spend some time in. They have great shopping and open courtyard with lots of restaurants. Don't miss the Palais du Papes.
90 min. E Enjoy the works of famous painters such as Van Gogh and Cezanne.
60 min. S A very large seaport town. Montpellier is know as a college town in southern France well worth a visit.
A lovely larger town. Aix-en-provence has great shoping that should not be missed.
90 min. S A very large seaport town. Very close to Aix-en-provence.
To Do
  Activity Description
  Swimming Take a dip in the pool in the back yard or wander down to the river and jump in. The West Mill (Le Moulin Ouest) is located on the Gardon River which is famous for its beauty and swimming holes. The river near the mill is particularly wide and ideal for swimming and sun bathing.
  Hiking France is known for its hiking and walking and this particular region is famous for the large number of paths and unspoiled beauty. There are numerous paths to choose from and for your convenience there is a a local guide book at the house for detailed routes. Also you can start from the West Mill because one of the local paths is near the property.
  Cycling With the Cevenes mountains at your doorstep there is wonderful road and mountain biking in the area. Most years the Tour de France goes near the house.
  Fishing The Gardon on the propery is great for fishing, particularly trout. There are 2 fishing poles at the property for your use should you wish to give it a go. In France there is a law that says you must have a fishing license which you can get at the St-Jean-du-Gard hardware store but I have never been asked for mine. Remember if you can see the fish you will probably never catch him.
  Canoeing & rafting There is great canoeing and rafting in the area. I have enjoyed rafting on the river just in front of the West Mill. Florac has world famous white water rafting with many companies that you can rent a raft from.
  Horseback riding There is horesback riding near the West Mill and also near the Mediterranean in the Camargue Beaches. There are many signs along the road for companies offering horseback riding.
  Eating & relaxing You are in France. Rest and relaxation are a requirement!
Sites to see
Picture Site
Location Description
  Steam Train
from St-Jean-du-Gard to Anduze Amazing way to see the back hills of the area and you will really feel like you are going back in time by taking this trip. You can bike or drive to St-Jean-du-Gare station and take a 45 minute ride to Anduze. There is a great Thai (also have Italian and French) resturant located across from Anduze station for a great lunch stop.
40 minutes E Is an amazing ancient Roman aqueduct. You can not fully appreciate its size until you are standing next to it. "How did they build that?" If there is nothing else you see while you are at the West Mill you should not miss this. Well, don't take my word for it here is what 50 other people had to say about it.
  The Camargue Beaches
70 minutes S Some of the most unspoiled beachs on the Mediterranean. One port you might choose to go to is Aigues-Mortes. You can see wild horses and pink flamingos on these beaches. Great place for horse back riding.
Anduze I have actually never been but see it often from the road - it looks like it would be interesting if you are into nature or horticulture.
  Les Grottes du Trabuc
10 minutes between Mialet and Anduze Caves that can be explored by tourists. These are enjoyable for adults and children to see.
  The Gorges du Tarn
on the way to Florac Very beautiful gorges with a riven in the middle. A smaller French version of a US's Grand Canyon in Arizon except there are homes on the edge.
Site Rating Location Description
La Ferme de Cornadel ** Anduze

One of my favorites. They have a fantastic appetizer sampler that is amazing, but save room for the dessert sampler - 3 scrumptious desserts all on one plate. I also particularly like the decor and atmosphere of this restaurant. (20 minute drive near Anduze)